2018 - Present

Shiny Buildings

Simple real estate and project management for real estate owners.


I founded Shiny Buildings in order to help small real estate development firms and individual owners manage their portfolios and buildings with a simple, low-cost project and asset management tool.

As a former commercial real estate analyst, I know that most non-institutional firms are forced to choose between a balancing act of spreadsheets, Word documents, and emails to manage their projects, or highly expensive, custom ERP-style solutions that require months of training and on-boarding. Rather than developing a tool that attempts to handle every aspect of real estate ownership out-of-the-gate - including financial modeling and accounting workflows - I'm building Shiny Buildings using a modular approach, focused on low-hanging fruit related to document storage, sharing, portfolio organization, and simple but effective reporting.

I'll share updates here as the business grows! Please stay tuned.


UX & Visual Design: Dave Stein
Development: Dave Stein