Songwriters Hall of Fame

Greatness Grounded: explaining mastery through education and entertainment.


As a freelance designer, I worked with Vector Media Group to create a new website for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, which honors the most legendary writers, producers, and entertainers in music. The objective was to create an interactive experience that helps future musicians understand the path that great musicians follow themselves, and to help all of us understand their impact on music as an art and business.

I led the UX efforts on the project, and executed the visual work under the direction of Vector's design lead, Nick Spriggs. I also developed the strategic value system that the client adopted to guide the project: Greatness Grounded.


UX Design: Dave Stein
Visual Design: Dave Stein, Nick Spriggs (Vector Media Group)
Development: Vector Media Group


Mobile Layout Exploration
Mobile Impact Visualization